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Costa Rica Villa Rentals - Villas Dream On Costa Rica

To be sure, you can find more meager housing in Costa Rica for both short-term and long-term stays, but the conditions in traditional Costa Rican homes are not up to par with the international standards and guidelines that luxury resorts adhere to. This means that you could be staying in a dirty, poorly constructed home that is open and offers little-to-no protection from the elements and no security. In houses like this, you probably won't have warm water, nor will you be able to flush your toilet paper.

For foreigners who are looking to stay for extended periods, a five-star luxury resort might start to get expensive after a while, so you would want to find a place that offers at least most of the luxuries, amenities, and accommodations that are important to you at a lower price. It's important to do your due diligence prior to selecting a villa or hotel, especially if you are looking for the cheapest possible stay. Often, these places are very cheap, but they lack the comforts you need, and you might even be staying with other strangers. Surprise! Believe it or not, Costa Rica villa rentals are often rented this way.

Determine the Length of Your Stay

If you are only staying for a few days up to a few weeks, then a luxury villa might be ideal for you. Luxury Costa Rica villa rentals are very popular among vacationers because these types of villas provide for the ultimate vacationing experience. For example, luxury villas from Dream On Costa Rica are located quietly in the peaceful beachfront province of Southwest Guanacaste, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Each vill comes with a private chef, air conditioning, housekeeping, and all of the basic amenities that you might expect.

If you are planning in staying in Costa Rica for a longer period, say, several months or more, a luxury resort probably isn't going to work for your budget, as luxury resorts tend to be a bit more price because of all of the amenities that they offer. In such a case, you would likely want to find an apartment or alternative lodging. Dream On Costa Rica proudly offers the La Tica Lodge. Located in Playa Negra, Guanacaste, CR, the La Tica Lodge is cheaper than our villa rentals, but it still offers many of the luxury and amenities that foreigners prefer and need.

Why Choose Dream On Costa Rica?

Lower class villa rentals in Costa Rica will not have these amenities. Of course, we're just scratching the surface of the many benefits that our guests experience. From 18 hole golf to sport fishing to pool ball and being a beach bum, this, and much more, is all-inclusive when you choose our Costa Rica villa rentals. Luxury, comfort, and convenience are our top priorities at Dream On Costa Rica.

Whether you would like to stay in a Costa Rica villa rental or a private lodge, Dream On Costa Rica has the properties needed to make your stay in CR a memorable one. Below, you can find the links to our lodge (La Tica Lodge) and our three most popular luxury villas - the Villa Don Vito, the Villa Diosa del Mar, and the Villa Oceanis.

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