Villa Don Vito: a Luxurious Stay in Costa Rica

Holidays have always been part of the most special moments of our lives. However, carrying them out takes premeditated planning since we seek to have everything thought out and avoid unwanted situations. Choosing a suitable place will always be the main priority, both the place of stay, whether it is a villa or hotel or the country we will visit.

After the Covid-19 crisis, the destinations to choose for vacationing should be thought more carefully, even though all the countries were affected, some managed to keep the situation under control, as is the case of Costa Rica. Reporting the lowest number of cases in the tropic and around the world, manages to position itself as one of the countries that will be better prepared to reopen to the world.

Costa Rica is known for its incredible natural landscapes and beaches, a country on the list of any tourist who loves nature. This country takes tourism seriously, being one of the most important economic activities of it. The reason why Costa Rica has incredible luxurious villas in which to stay and receive tourists. So, if you are looking to visit the country of Pura Vida this vacation, here we bring you details of one of the best places for a memorable stay.

A luxurious time you won’t forget

Located just a few minutes from the beach, the luxurious Villa Don Vito is placed in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica. This private villa has spaces ready to make you live an incredible vacation. Start your day with an exquisite breakfast and then spend the afternoon on its barbecue and terrace in front of its luxurious open pool where you can lay and achieving a perfect tan in the Caribbean sun. 

The luxury of this villa goes from its open spaces to impress you even more once you are inside. Counting with eight types of rooms named Bianca, Coral, Celeste, Canela, Carmen and, Ebony in which the display of its subtle and artistic decoration will dazzle you since each piece of decoration has been thought and chosen to create an environment of luxury, linked with colors that match the name of its rooms resembling the rich nature of Costa Rica.

Its spacious design in its open areas and rooms makes it perfect for large families or large groups of friends allowing to create unforgettable moments with those you love most. And in case of planning a romantic vacation, this villa will be the perfect option for a unique, cozy, and modern honeymoon.

Having not only activities and spaces to share indoors, but the staff is also ready at any time of the day to help you make your stay as pleasant as possible. Since they have first-class training to guide you in activities to enjoy both inside and outside the villa. Recommending you nearby places that you can visit to get to know Costa Rica better, with Tamarindo beach just a few minutes away, this villa and its location are perfect for your future vacation.

Traveling after Covid-19: Costa Rica luxurious destination

The safest place to visit after restrictions are over.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led all destinations in the world to introduce travel restrictions. With the most stringent restrictions on international travel in history and, as the outbreak continues to strongly affect stock markets, the travel industry is suffering its worst crisis in more than 18 years.

However, some countries have managed to control the situation efficiently and, after the crisis that this virus brought with it, it will be much easier for them to open up to the world again. Within those countries is Costa Rica.

With only 815 confirmed cases and 7 deaths, Costa Rica is located within the countries of Latin America and the world with the lowest levels of infections, and therefore, they have a controlled situation under the threat of the virus.

These Costa Rican luxury vacation villas have an excellent location where you will wake up every morning observing the incredible landscapes and beaches that Costa Rica has to offer. Besides, you will have an experienced service team that will exceed your expectations enjoying privacy and quality at the same time.

Composed with a white, that resembles the waves foam, its rooms are full of wooden arrangements, luxurious finishes, and impressive decorations, you will enjoy that unforgettable stay in your luxury Costa Rican vacations as only the tropic can provide.

Costa Rica is a country with a clear understanding of tourism, and they are dedicated to the caring of its landscapes, its biodiversity, and protecting the innumerable natural riches of this true paradise on earth, to offer to those who visit this country an unforgettable experience.